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 will not record a new episode next Monday on Monday Night Raw . Instead, USA Network will broadcast a special of the best of the year 2022 in the red show. The company has not confirmed at any time the celebration of a new episode through its ticket sales section, but a small Christmas tour that will start on Monday, December 26 with two shows that will be held in Columbus and in the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York.

Sean Ross Sapp, a Fightful journalist, has pointed out the reason that would have made make this decision. The company will hold the house shows starting Monday for a market issue, but it has given rest to most of the employees who usually work for the shows that are broadcast on television . Non-televised shows tend to generate much less work for the staff in general, so there will be much fewer people in charge, not only in the shows, but in various departments.

“Fightful has been asking about the status of the Raw show on December 26 since before the announcement, and spoke to some within the company after that,” Sapp commented. “One talent indicated that they hadn’t been told the reason and said they wondered why themselves, before updating, noting that the reason was likely to give production workers some extra time off.”

“Another source confirmed this, mentioning that when the company holds events, it requires far fewer people and sometimes even entire departments ,” he continued. “ will not have television tapings from December 20-28 on the main roster, giving that group an extended period of rest. One of the top talent also noted that although they would like to have a little more time off for vacation, they are paid well for working on December 26 and the following week .