Watch  The Bump 4/2/23

Watch The Bump 4/2/23 – 2nd April 2023

’s Advanced Media team took great care in casting the hosts for ’s The Bump, and ultimately settled on a dynamic group that complement each other’s strengths. With the vivacious Kayla Braxton captaining the ship alongside colorful personalities Evan T. Mack, McKenzie Mitchell, Matt Camp, Dan Vollmayer and Ryan Pappolla, their chemistry shines through the animated discussions that play out , all while the hosts engage with real-time feedback from fans on social media.

As fans’ primary interest lies in the Superstars, one of the consistent goals is to der a stacked lineup of guests to answer hard-hitting questions and interact with tailor-made set concepts at the studio. To date, Superstars appearing on The Bump have included big names like Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Kofi Kingston and Trish Stratus.

Beyond the A-list guests, ’s The Bump requires an all-star crew of 15 to fully produce each episode, with tasks spanning the gamut from acquiring some wild animals from a local zookeeper to giving someone a zombie makeover for a sponsored integration.