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In the last  event , Summerslam 2021 , Dominik Mysterio celebrated a year as a professional wrestler, a year in which he has already achieved great achievements such as winning the tag team championship along with his father, the masked legend Rey Mysterio .

However, Dominik is not new to the environment. Many fans still remember his first appearances when he was only 7 years old, in the much-talked-about story starring his father and Eddie Guerrero . The Republic was able to talk with him and remember what it was like to see two wrestling greats “fight for custody.”

To date they still ask me who my real father is, with that I tell you everything, on the street or on social networks, everyone asks me if it is Eddie Guerrero or Rey Mysterio, and I always answer them: ‘Well, whoever you want,’” Dominik said, remembering that rivalry.

As  fans well know , in the midst of a war between the two gladiators of Mexican origin, Eddie Guerrero ‘revealed’ that he was Dominik’s biological father. Everything was defined in Summerslam 2005 , when Rey Mysterio defeated ‘Heat Latino’ in a ladder fight and was able to recover his son.