Watch  Raw 8/1/22

Here you Can Watch Raw 8/1/22 – 1st August 2022 We start the week Watch Raw 8/1/22 with one of the company’s main shows, such as the RAW red mark, and on watch wrestling, your website, we leave you a preview of the program with all the information on what they will offer tonight. 

Raw August 01, 2022

Bayley’s return

A new stable appears within the company. It has been the grand return of the weekend in the hottest event of the whole summer. Dakota Kai and the now-known Io Sky faced the two most muscular women in the entire women’s division. A new feud between the two women can be expected.

Change of character in Becky

We must listen to the last challenger to the Raw women’s championship. So shaking hands with the champion and a hug means closing the rivalry and hiding the hatchet. The question is whether they will now be new partners before the arrival of stable CONTROL.

Edge explains his actions.

The R-rated superstar has it figured out. He has made an appearance of himself to attack his former group. Revenge that Balor and Priest themselves have been proud of. If we know anything about this company legend, it is that he always fulfils his revenge, and a continuation of the rivalry is expected.

Bobby Lashley is still unstoppable.

The theory was the big loser of the whole night. Nobody knows how it could have been that from dreaming of three belts in his possession, he has been left with nothing and his briefcase much more shattered. Not only that, he was defeated in less than five minutes, and the challengers for the championship must continue.

Celebration of the Uses

The champions have defeated Street Profits, and they will celebrate in style.

Theory is justified

The theory is expected to be the protagonist today before his loss at SummerSlam.

Triple H changes

The first program was under the direction of Hunter himself. New surprises are expected.