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Rey Misterio went from wrestling in front of 100 people outside a church in Tijuana to the big wrestling stage . The legendary wrestler’s underdog ascent to the top of  Mountain is chronicled in his  Biography: Legends episode premiering August 28.

Mysterio, whose real name is Óscar Gutierrez, helped break the mold of the prototypical top star in the business. Passed on the mask and his name by his uncle, the diminutive dynamo reached new heights in 2006 by winning the Royal Rumble and rising to prominence as the world heavyweight champion in wrestling .

Success required sacrifice and unwavering perseverance, and capturing audiences using high-flying innovation across the rings of Mexico, ECW, WCW and . The respected veteran continues to compete at a high level today, helping guide Dominik Mysterio as the two made history as the first father-son tag team champions.

Ahead of the A&E documentary’s premiere, the international sensation reflects on his journey and how it proves that size doesn’t always matter.

What strikes you about this document?

Rey Misterio: For fans who have known Rey Mysterio only from my career up to now for more than 20 years, you have the opportunity to see the work that has been done in the last 32 years. I think it’s very detailed. I know that there are many images that I have not seen and that I did not know existed. I’m talking about my first match in 1989, when I was 14 years old. It will give fans a different perspective on who Rey Mysterio really is.

Much of your family contributes to this project, including your uncle and your parents. What was it like having them involved?

It is special without a doubt. It’s touching to have my parents and my uncle, which is why I wanted to be who I am now. It is very emotional to take advantage of these factors that created who I am.

Not to mention his wife Angie. He talks about how he would send all the money he could get together while you were in Mexico. There is an incredible love story that branches off from this wrestling story.

He dropped out of medical school to help me pursue my dream. The sacrifices we all made to be where we are now. She was there for my first match. We celebrate together. We’ve been through tough times together. We are living an amazing life together because of all the obstacles we have overcome.

you talk in the Biography about what Eddie Guerrero meant to you and how hard he hit his pass. What was it like for you to re those dark times?

Every time I have to talk about Eddie it’s very emotional. It destroys me that he is no longer here. I always consider what would happen if he were here. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to have known him on a personal level, and on a professional level, and for the friendship and brotherhood that we created. I always like to go back to the day we were in San Diego. He came and slept in the house. My wife went to bed. He and I were in the backyard. I heated up the jacuzzi and we were talking about life. It was a very special moment for me. It made me appreciate having him as a friend and brother.

Konnan was fundamental in your career and in many others. What is it like for you to see him get the credit he apparently deserves?

Konnan’s role was crucial, not only in my life, but also for all the wrestlers who came to WCW in the mid-1990s. He was the instrument that attracted us all and gave us the opportunity to perform on stage. larger. He saw that the times were changing in wrestling and that the fans were ready to see something different. It was the perfect moment. If this had been done right now, things would have been different.

Eric Bischoff, president of WCW, pushed for you to lose the mask. it happened in superfight 1999. You ended up thriving, but how do you reflect on that transition today in 2022?

At that time, it was very difficult to swallow. It was something I wasn’t ready to do and thought I would never have to do. Now, with the years that have passed and the growth within me, I see that moment differently. I really think if that hadn’t happened back then, Rey Mysterio wouldn’t have gotten a chance to fight bigger guys. That’s where the giant slayer was born. The next night Kevin Nash put me on top and we made it believable. It was like a new beginning for Rey Mysterio as an unmasked wrestler. For me, it was a new beginning. I made the best of the situation. I think he put me on another level.

Then you came to with the mask.

As Paul Heyman said, it would have been stupid for Rey not to come in with the mask. I think it was a special moment. The vision of the small boy fighting a big boy still became believable. I would face Great Khali, Big Show, Kane and Undertaker. Matches that possibly never would have happened if WCW hadn’t given me a chance to fight bigger guys.

Today you are still honoring the mask by not taking photos of yourself without it in public.

When you lose a mask, many wrestlers tend to shy away and eventually return to the ring with a different name or mask in Lucha. Some lose the mask and continue their career without the mask under the same name. I feel like I started a new trend. Although the fans knew who I was, they respected the fact that I came back with the mask. I think a lot of fans like me denied that I lost the mask and wanted to see me with it on again. That started a new vision for masked wrestlers.

You became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1990s. So much so, that there was the 1997 story on the national investigator joining you and Jennifer Aniston . Did Angie like that?

That was hilarious. I don’t know how that story came about. My wife liked it very much. “Yes of course. Jennifer Anniston is looking at you,” she said. She said, “Hey, you never know. We may have had a little meeting and you never knew about it. For me, it was a good promotion. The fact that he was connected to a superstar like Jennifer Aniston who broke out from Friends and makes amazing movies and dates some of the biggest stars in Hollywood like Brad Pitt. Nothing bad.

In the document, you talk about undergoing stem cell therapy. What kind of difference did this treatment have in your career extension and quality of life?

I followed him and got a bigger treatment in 2019 in Colombia. That’s when I saw an incredible difference. I feel like it really gave me longevity. I didn’t wake up in pain. I woke up with no pain in my knee. I really feel like this has rejuvenated me and added years to my career. During the last treatment I did in April of this year, I felt an incredible difference. This and everything I do to maintain my health has helped me perform the way I have been able to.

This documentary summarizes your career, but you continue to compete regularly and can pass on your knowledge to Dominik as a team. What is the ideal way you see yourself riding into the sunset?

I would love to pass the mask on to my son like my uncle passed it to me. I would love to see a day when it’s time to hang up the mask to pass on Mysterio’s legacy to my son and carry on.

Biography : Legends: Rey Misterio Premiere August 28, 8/7c, A&E